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Whiskey Decanter Bottle

Vrouyr Joubanian

Whiskey "De[Cant]" Decanter
Whiskey "De[Cant]" Decanter
Whiskey "De[Cant]" Decanter
"De[Cant]" Decanter Collection
Vrouyr Joubanian

Vrouyr Joubanian

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Sustainable Design
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Armenian designer Vrouyr Joubanian gives the whiskey and bourbon decanter a long overdue upgrade in an unlikely medium: corian, in his collection De[Cant]. Unlike its crystal predecessor, this design forward vessel lets you be secretive about your libation of choice - translucent layers between opaque rings in white and black reveal only fleeting glimspes of the liquid inside

Need to know

  • Materials:
    • Corian
  • Dimensions: 
    • ​Holds 1L
    • 10 x 4.5 x 1in
  • Produced for House of Today
  • Each color way is unique out of an edition of 28 bottles.
  • Ships from USA
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