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"618Grs" Always Open Box


"618Grs" Always Open Box
"618Grs" Always Open Box
"618Grs" Always Open Box
200grs Designer Collection


Where From: 
Wood, architecture, meaningful interaction with design
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Engineered with the balance and whimsy of a see-saw, this box is sure to be a conversation piece. A wooden peg, holds the metallic cover in place, as you open and close the various wings - both can not be opened or closed simultaneously, giving the box it’s nickname “Always open”. The use of off-wall wood, typical of designers 200Grs, underscores their commitment to environmentally conscious design and is prevalent in all of the objects in the Unlimited 0/1289Grs collection.

Need to know
  • Materials: 
    • Wood
    • Metal
  • Dimensions: 
    • 32.4 x 16.5 x 7.62 cm
  • Weight: 618g
  • Ships from USA
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