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  • "Baller" Gold Plate Necklace

    Baller Gold Plated Necklace

  • Dual "Geometrik" Serving Tray

    Dual Geometrik Serving Tray

  • Diamond Brass Wall Hanger

    Diamond Brass Wall Hanger

  • Bubbles "Firdaus" Bowl Gold

    Bubbles "Firdaus" Bowl

  • A La Folie Cuff

    A La Folie Cuff

  • Calligraphy Embossed Porcelain vase Small

    Calligraphy Embossed Porcelain Small Vase

  • "1289Grs" On The Wall Box

    "1289Grs" On The Wall Box

  • Neutral Branches Necklace

    Neutral Branches Necklace

  • Between Two Rivers II Felt Vase

    Between Two Rivers II Felt Vase

  • Moscow Studded Hanger

    Moscow Studded Hanger

  • Beaucoup Cuff

    Beaucoup Cuff

  • Merci Small Vase

    Merci Small Vase by George Muhasseb

  • Talaya Arabic letter "Ghayn" as in Ghalia Yellow Gold Necklace

    Arabic Letter "Ghayn" Gold Initial Necklace

  • Fabrica for Carwan Gallery

    Servant Tray by Maison Tarazi

  • Caramel Popcorn Gold Earrings

    Butter Gold Popcorn Earrings

  • Yellow Gold Wax Seal Arabic Calligraphy Initial "MA" ن  Pendant Necklace

    Wax Seal Arabic Calligraphy Initial Pendant Necklace

  • Hyde Wood Incense Holder

    Hyde Wood Incense Holder

  • Sandblasted Calligraphy Tumbler Set of 4

    Ghida's Sandblasted Calligraphy Tumbler Set