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Stories from the Middle East Region

Design Days Dubai Edit

Nada Debs, Beirut Lebanon

Destination Dubai Dispatch -  LN made the long haul from NYC to Design Days Dubai to see old friends and meet new ones, while basking in the glow of sorely-missed sun.  This year marks our first at market trip after going live.  Read on for our favorites and watch our shop as we bring you new products from the region's talented designers.

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INTERVIEW with Tar Tar Founder, Pinar Gercek

Pinar Gercek

Who or what are your influences?
My main influence in creating Tar Tar was Jean Michel Basquiat. I was doing some research on graffiti art in school and was totally blown away with his world of symbols, colors, references; his artistic world in general. I then decided that I was going to create my own label named Tar Tar (Tar is a word he repeatedly uses in his works) with his crown symbol upside down as the logo. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be selling at the time, but two years later I finished my studies, quit my job at the University, and Tar Tar was born.

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