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Stories from the Middle East Region

Letternoon featured on Bedford + Bowery

While many people only know the Middle East through one-dimensional news reports foregrounding violence and war, Jabri and Madra hope the simple act of interacting with Middle Eastern design will open up people’s minds to another side of the region. “The Middle East is global,” Jabri insisted. The task, she thinks, is to take back the position of defining the so-called “Middle East” and reinterpret it," - from the lovely write up on our holiday pop-up in Bedford + Bowery.

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Armory Week

This week in NYC is a whirlwind of Middle East related art and culture events during Armory Arts Week, thanks to the Armory Focus MENAM, Edge of Arabia and Art Jameel.  If you are like us, the busy week is a great distraction from the weather before heading off to Dubai for Art Dubai and Design Days Dubai.  We’re all going right?  Here is our digestible list of top 4 must-sees, starting today.

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