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Silsal Design House
Silsal Design House

Silsal Design House

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Islamic Art, Middle Eastern History, Calligraphy

A family run business since its inception two decades ago in Amman, Jordan, the world of Silsal Design House is a beautiful realm of captivating interior designs, free-spirited originality and self-expression.

What began as a small family business by two sisters, Reem and Rula Atalla, in the basement of Rula’s house has evolved to become one of the leading producers of home accessories and light furnishings in the Middle East. SDH is currently run by Reem’s daughter, Samar Habayeb, who has proven herself a formidable CEO capable of making the family business a regional large scale production brand and business leader.  

With a wide range of decorative pieces, dinnerware, serve-ware and furniture, Silsal Design House emphasizes the beauty of contemporary Middle Eastern style. The design philosophy combines the importance of premium quality and exquisite design to offer stunning pieces at accessible price points. The recent launch of a striking furniture collection has afforded customers with the pleasure of customizing sofas, dining rooms, cushions and side tables to their preferred size, colour, finish and design.

Silsal Design House collections have been exhibited at the British Museum in London as well as sold at the prestigious Louvre in Paris. The company is now one of the world’s leading producers of home accessories using the Middle East as its style muse, particularly its calligraphy and literature.