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Designer Spotlight

Shirine Osseiran, Artist, Prints, Shop Middle East
Shirine Osseiran

Shirine Osseiran

Where From: 
Lebanon & The Netherlands
Where Based: 
Calligraphy. Energy. Transformation.

Color, movement and the flow of energy are key elements of Shirine Osseiran’s work no matter the medium. An accomplished Lebanese-Dutch visual artist, Osseiran holds degrees from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, the Chelsea College of Art and Design, and Kingston University.

From her studio in West London, Osseiran produces visual works in mediums that range from photography and video to painting and calligraphy. Though her pieces appear in many private collections, Osseiran is a participant in exhibitions in Lebanon, The Netherlands, Ireland and Sotheby’s “The Art of the Word” auction in Qatar.

Osseiran uses color and movement as primary elements in her work to explore transformative experience.