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Designer Spotlight

Rayya Morcos, Bird On A Wire
Rayya Morcos, Bird on a Wire

Rayya Morcos, Bird on a Wire

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Textiles. Whimsy. Architecture.

Born to an art collector and fashion lover, Rayya Morcos’ passion for creativity began at an early age. This Beirut native took her lifelong love for art to school, where she initially majored in interior design and ultimately graduated from Esmod Beirut in 2006 with a degree in Fashion Design.

Following school, Morcos joined venerable Lebanese fashion house Rabih Kayrouz as Head of Design, where she continued to be inspired by shapes, lines and fabrics—and how they can be transformed into unique fashion pieces.

In 2009, Morcos founded her first ready-to-wear line, Bird on a Wire, with a collection of “80x80x80” starched square shirts. Combining her knowledge of architecture with expertise in fashion, Bird on a Wire reinterprets the objects, lines and shapes around us, applying them to whimsically sculpted womenswear. Recognized by the Maison Mediterraneen des Metiers de la Mode in 2014, Morcos was awarded the Mediterranean Fashion Prize for her accomplishments in womenswear.