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Designer Spotlight

Pinar Gercek, Tar Tar, Jewelry Designer
Tar Tar

Pinar Gercek, Tar Tar

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Tribal Dress. Contemporary Art. Traditional Crafts.

 Pinar Gercek, founder and creator of Tar Tar Jewelry, was inspired by graffiti artist Jean Michel Basquiat—so much so that upon completion of her studies on experimental costume design, Gercek set out to make jewelry that’s an homage to both his style and meaning.

In 2010, Gercek first designed Tar Tar’s signature rope necklaces as part of a fashion design class. In 2011 she held an informal trunk show featuring the rope necklaces along with a few other designs, and the unanimously positive response snowballed from there.

Gercek assembles hand-crafts all of her original designs in a home studio by the sea, utilizing a variety of materials from ropes and textiles to pipe fittings, popsicle sticks and precious stones to create her fun, colorful designs.