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Designer Spotlight

Jabrane & Fenaoui

Parfum Jabrane & Fenaoui

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Morocco. Scents. Calligraphy.

Home cooking. Orange blossoms in the countryside. Spices in the souks. These are the scents of A. Fenaoui’s childhood in Morocco, the scents that inspired him to apply his imagination and creativity to the production of wearable scents.

After studying in France and USA, Fenaoui moved to Canada to realize his dream of carrying on the tradition of perfume-making. Drawing inspiration from his Moroccan heritage, Fenaoui applied his scientific training to recreating a rich tapestry of scents derived from objects in everyday life like gardens and tea.

A lifelong passion for calligraphy culminated in a special collaboration between the parfumier and an Iraqi artist to produce more than parfum, but works of art.