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Designer Spotlight

Nada Debs Shadow Vase
Nada Debs

Nada Debs

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Minimalism, Eastern Heritage, Craft

Raised in Japan and residing in different parts of the world, Nada Debs’ Levantine spirit brought her back home to Beirut after a 40-year absence where she applied her multi-cultural background to create a brand in her name a decade ago.  Now known for her Eastern minimalism and revival of local craftsmanship,  her continued growth is evidenced by the growing attention of the global design world.  Nada’s latest endeavor is #craftcool — a label created to raise awareness on hand-made, artisanal craft showing the value of Eastern heritage, the spirituality behind it, and its cool and timeless aesthetic.

Studio Nada Debs, located in Gemmayze, one of Beirut’s most charming streets, is where all projects from furniture and home accessories, to interiors and limited edition pieces are designed. The mission to modernize craft, accentuate the human element in the production process and to bring life to materials that have been forgotten are the unifying factors of all designs.