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Designer Spotlight

Le Souk Ceramique, Ceramic, Plates, Handmade
Le Souk Ceramique

Le Souk Ceramique

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The Mediterranean. Heritage. Art.

Though founded in 1997, Le Souk Ceramique pays homage to an age-old tradition dating back nearly 2,000 years to ancient Rome. Much like its ancestors, Le Souk Ceramique does things the “old-fashioned way” in its studio in Nabeul, Tunisia, just kilometers from the Mediterranean coast.

Every piece is shaped from clay on a potter’s wheel, and then painted carefully by hand. In fact, the only modern technologies that Le Souk Ceramique employs are their high-temperature kiln and modern, food-safe paints and glazes.

Many items in Le Souk Ceramique’s collections combine African and Mediterranean aesthetics and cooking practices, paying homage to the region’s collision of cultures.