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Images d'Orient

Images d'Orient

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Patterns. Arabesque. Mediterranean History.

Designer Peggy Raphaël Dabar remembers being deeply impacted by the sight of an ancient home being destroyed, making way for a modernized version. Though she has one foot entrenched in the modern world, her heart lies in the preservation of her rich Mediterranean heritage.

That desire to preserve her heritage led Dabar to found Images d’Orient with her brother, Charbel, in 2000. Armed with a degree in advertising and an MFA, she set out to create a line of everyday objects to combine the charming historic designs of the Mediterranean with the quintessential modern materials.

Bright colors, geometric patterns and age-old traditions collide in Image d’Orient’s original tabletop line that draws inspiration from Dabar’s heritage but finds cultural echoes in households across the globe.

( photo credit: Hala A.Malak )