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Designer Spotlight

Only Popcorn by Ghia Zaatari
Only Popcorn

Ghia Zaatari

Where From: 
Where Based: 
USA, Lebanon
Cultural expression and spatial design

Born in the U.S and raised in Lebanon, Ghia Zaatari continues to make a home for herself in both parts of the world, Beirut and NYC. She draws inspiration from these electric and distinct places and works closely with the fine craftsmen found in artisanal Lebanon and India.  

Having continuously practiced visual and performing arts since youth she pursued her academic training in Anthropology at Harvard and specialization in Urban Design from the Architectural Association, London. Her curiosity for cultural expression and spatial design has led her to work with numerous urban design teams in the Middle East and NYC and simultaneously take on projects with art galleries and independent artist.

While working with a gallery in LES of New York, Ghia serendipitously met the person with whom she started Only Popcorn. Since then, they have been developing a series of ideas and designs inspired by the art and entertainment industry, finding their most universal elements and twisting them with a touch of urban humor.