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Christina Debs Fine Jewelry
Christina Debs

Christina Debs, Christina Debs Fine Jewelry

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Ancient History. Gemstones. Contemporary Design.

Christina Debs takes contemporary design inspiration from the most unlikely of sources: the evolution of women’s adornment throughout the millennia. Debs uses modern accents, embellishments and craftsmanship to innovate upon these ancient designs to create timeless pieces, in addition to a strong design identity.

Debs founded her fine jewelry business in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2008. She holds Diamond Grading certificates from the Gemological Institute of America and HRD, and jewelry certificates from L’AFEDAP, L’École de la Rue du Louvre and L’École Boule.

The Christina Debs Fine Jewelry brand is steadily expanding through a recent partnership with brand strategist Mounir Moufarrige and international exposure through venues such as Tranoi and Paris Fashion Week.