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Designer Spotlight

Burhan Doğançay

Burhan Doğançay

Where From: 
Istanbul, Turkey
Where Based: 
New York
Walls of the World

Turkish American artist Burhan Doğançay is primarily known for a body of work that grew out of his fascination with urban walls, which had a special meaning to him. Walls serve as a testament to the passage of time, reflecting social, political and economic change. They also bear witness to the assault of the elements and to the markings left by people. No other artist has explored urban walls with the same passion and intensity as Doğançay.

About the Doğançay Museum

When it officially opened its doors in October 2004, the Doğançay Museum in Istanbul became Turkey’s first modern art museum providing a general overview of Burhan Dogançay’s  prolific oeuvre over the past 50 years.

Examples from fourteen series of wall-inspired paintings, sculpture, lithography, photography, and tapestry have been assembled and may be viewed in the museum.

It was Doğançay’s explicit intention that the Museum collection would demonstrate how far the speaking walls, which initially provided the inspiration for his work, have developed in experimental and exciting ways over the past five decades.

Since the early 1960s, walls have received Doğançay’s  unwavering focus and been translated into works of art predominantly through the medium of collage. “Walls serve as a testament to the passage of time,” Doğançay said “Walls reflect social, political, and economic change, besides bearing witness to the assault of the elements and to the markings left by people.”

Doğançay's work is in many museum collections including, MoMa, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, National Gallery of Art in Washington, MUMOK, Musee National d'Art Moderne, Istanbul Modern, and The State Russian Museum. His well known work, Mavi Senfoni (Symphony in Blue) was sold at auction for 1, 700,000 USD in 2009.

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