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Letternoon at Market Art + Design

Letternoon at Market Art and Design fair in the Hamptons

We are thrilled to announce a joint collaboration with Davidson Art Advisory to present a selection of fine art and objects that explore themes of interconnectedness, history, progress, and meaning for this year's edition of Market Art + Design, Booth 117.

Glass Secrets

From the ancient city of Damascus in war-ravaged Syria, few artisans are able to continue their craft.  We are featuring traditional handblown vessels that are still being produced in a makeshift oven in small batches. Each piece is bittersweet, for its iconic shape continues to endure despite atrocious destruction of lives and history.

Syrian handblown glass vessels

Forming the backdrop of this collection is a powerful manipulation of painterly boundries by Peter Bynum, a Hudson Valley based painter known for his dimmable light-infused paintings on glass and large-scale public installations that explore the interconnectedness of humanity.

“There’s some sort of secret world in the paintings that is brought out with this light that comes from behind and presses beyond the edges of the glass. This goes so far beyond what traditional painting on canvas has ever been able to achieve. Peter Bynum has made one breakthrough after another, and pushed the language of painting into a new place. It changes the conversation.” – Dede Young, art historian and former Chief Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Neuberger Museum of Art, New York

Peter Bynum, Stripes 1, 2017, 
Acrylic paint on tempered glass (4 layers), L.E.D. backlighting, remote dimmer, steel bracket
 40 x 40 x 4 in

Material Reimagining

Siba Sahabi is a poetic designer. Drawing from her German/Iranian roots, Siba Sahabi’s work aims to show how one culture can influence another, leading to renewal and cultural richness. Historical fragments lost in time and space regain significance and relevance through a new connection with contemporary design. A passion for crafts drives the process of her work. Through an extraordinary application of materials such as felt and paper Siba creates a wide range of centrepieces. Next to limited edition, handmade items she develops concepts and designs products for various labels as Pols Potten and Rosenthal.

Her Between Two Rivers series of felt sculptures is an ode to the birth of the potter’s turntable that forever changed Minyan ceramic design dating back to 2200 BC ancient Greece.  The invention from Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq, paved the way for circular, ridged form in pottery throughout the ages.

See our interview with Siba here:

Siba Sahabi  Between Two Rivers , 2015 Painted and coiled felt

Forming the centerpiece between Sahabi’s collection is London born, US based artist Paul Seftel’s work that confronts the many conundrums of time and space, the beauty of what we have and what has been lost is texturally explored, revealing patterns and depths in the endless layers of formless form behind the nature of the seen and unseen world.

“Exploring space and working with time, using layers of minerals and pigments, to create reactions, transformations then seeing underlying natural formations appear; I’m working with very old formulas and techniques that I’m reimagining. And understanding color and its vibrations… has been an amazing journey.”- Roughly quoted from Paul Seftel as seen in this video.

Paul Seftel, Where do we go from here?, 2013, 
Limestone, quartz, silicate sand, pigment and polymer on canvas 74 x 40 in

Architectural Forms

We are also presenting our beloved imited edition "9 Point Vase" created exclusively for Letternoon by designer Niko Economidis.  The unglazed porcelain vase is cast from a 3d print design and takes its shape from Islamic architecture most notably exemplified in the base details, which were inspired from the interior of a dome in Iran.

Niko Economidis is an award winning designer with a background in industrial and lighting design, producing for many talented designers including Ron Gilad, and Jason Miller. Through his work, which has been featured in numerous publications, as well as has been exhibited internationally, Niko uses his characteristic wit to translate emotions and meaning into functional forms that are accessible and speak to a wide audience.

9 Point Vase , 2015 Unglazed porcelain 12 x 6 x 6 in

The 9 Point Vase is set among Marylyn’s Dintenfass’ Oculus paintings that explore the geometric principle of the circle in both architecture, society and spirituality.  She reveals how “things are not as they seem” due to the dualistic nature of being by deploying an arsenal of color to stretch the limits of expression. "Her practice is hinged around the ways in which colors work, their internal dialogue and external impact...Dintenfass sees colors in her mind just as musical composers can hear an entire symphony in theirs." - Julie Baumgartner, New York Magazine.

Oculus 8, 2015
, Oil on paper, 
Image: 15 x 15 in; Framed: 20.5 x 20.5 in 

About The Fair

Market Art + Design, the East End's premier modern and contemporary art fair, returns to the town of Bridgehampton this July 6 - 9 for the fair's seventh edition. From its coveted location in the heart of the Hamptons - just off Highway 27 at the Bridgehampton Museum - Market Art + Design will showcase presentations by 65 top galleries enhanced by a striking and tightly curated design component pulling from dealers and designers from around the world.

The 2017 Market Art + Design Preview, presented by 1stdibs, will benefit the Parrish Art Museum - the East End's leading cultural center. Market Art + Design will also work alongside Sponsors and Partners Hamptons Cottages and Gardens, The Wall Street Journal, BYREDO, Jadot Wine, AirSea Packing and Shipping, and Art Money to create an exciting and extremely visible event for Eastern Long Island and a highlight of the Hamptons' summer season.