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Stories from the Middle East Region

Vanina | Designs For Change

Vanina | Designs For Change Tatiana Fayad and Joanne Hayek

What led to the establishment of Vanina?

It started very spontaneously, 8 years ago, with a small jewelry line called ‘Coined’. We always felt that we had a strong creative complicity and love for design. We used to handcraft for hours every time we would meet. ‘Coined’ rapidly knew a great success and gave us the desire and confidence to establish Vanina. Over the years, Vanina’s collections have grown from a single jewelry line, to a sustainable lifestyle label, presenting jewels, accessories and apparel.

Who or what primary influences Vanina designs?

We believe that a jewel is a statement piece and by wearing it, a woman chooses to carry with her a philosophy she believes in. Our seasonal themes are strongly influenced by a social or an environmental issue, as we see fashion as tool to promote community development.

How are Vanina products produced?

All of our products are manufactured by hand,  in Lebanon. We merge digital fabrication methods with traditional handcraft, and we try as much as possible to work with materials that have been discarded or ethically produced.

Vanina Designs, Peacock Necklace

What makes Vanina products so unique?

We have landed in the field of fashion by mistake (coming from architectural and marketing backgrounds). Since our start, we’ve learned to approach design with a lot of spontaneity and freedom, yet with a driving feeling of social and environmental responsibility. We love to explore new sustainable concepts and materials; our constant need to reinvent ourselves is at the essence of our brand’s originality.

How has Vanina evolved over the years?

Over the years, Vanina’s collections have grown from a single jewelry line, to a sustainable lifestyle label, presenting each season wide collections of jewelry, accessories and apparel.

What have been some of the greatest obstacles and hurdles that Vanina has faced?

Over the years, our teenage hobby has naturally turned into a full-time venture and entrepreneurial journey. Every step of the way has been a learning experience for us. We have made mistakes. We have failed. However the various obstacles we have faced so far have been our greatest lessons.

We also benefit from a great environment supporting us, in our city Beirut. Yet, this locality has made the internationalisation of our label much more difficult at times.

What does the future of Vanina hold?

We are dreamers. Our passion for the work we do grows day after day through new encounters and collaborations. We hope to be able to continue to strengthen our sustainable methods and impact, and to expand our reach to new horizons.