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Stories from the Middle East Region

INTERVIEW WITH Silsal Design House

Silsal Design House

What led to the establishment of Silsal Design House (SDH)?

Silsal Design House was founded in Jordan over 20 years ago, by two sisters – Reem and Rula Atalla – with the mission of creating handmade ceramic pieces that reflect the beauty of Middle Eastern art and heritage. At that point, very few companies were offering such products, and our store quickly became a popular destination for tourists seeking to bring a piece of the Middle East back home with them.

Who or what primary influences SDH designs?

The inspiration for most of our work comes from the richness of Islamic art and Middle Eastern history and architecture – including historic calligraphy scripts, floral motifs, and geometric patterns. We are also heavily influenced by the minimalist and pure functionality of Scandinavian designs – which you find in many of our pieces, particularly the furniture items.

How are SDH products produced?

All the initial designs are produced at the company’s design lab in Dubai and prototyped either by hand or by 3D printing. We test out the prototype extensively, and if it is approved, we produce it in our factories across Asia.

What makes SDH products so unique?

Our pieces emanate a powerful contemporary spirit, while keeping the historical and cultural elements strongly intact. We also take great pride in being able to offer our customers a wide range of beautifully designed homeware products, of premium quality, without breaking their budgets.

How has SDH evolved over the years?

Over the past couple of years, we have managed to grow the company to become one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of homeware products – including furniture, dinnerware, linens, and decorative accents – that shed light on the beauty of Middle Eastern designs.
Product-wise, we have been continuously innovating and introducing new product lines. We went from a company focused solely on handmade ceramic products to a brand that manufactures and sells a wide range of homeware solutions made from various materials. Most recently, we launched our furniture line – which features sofas, dining rooms, coffee and side tables – that are modern in design, yet deeply rooted in the aesthetic history of our region.  

Geographically, we have also expanded our presence both directly and through partners to reach the United States, United Kingdom, France, as well as other Middle Eastern Countries. 

What does the future of SDH hold?

We have set a strong foundation to building our business and are just scratching the surface. We seek to become one of the leading trendsetters in the industry and bring our designs to the homes of people all around the world.