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Stories from the Middle East Region

Burhan Doğançay The Legacy Of An Artist

Burhan Doğançay

What were Burhand Doğançay’s sources of Inspiration? 

In the 1960’s in Manhattan, Burhan Doğançay began his fascination with urban walls as mirrors of society. Mankind has painted on walls since the Neolithic ages to express everything such as political preferences, event announcements, expressions of love and artistic freedom. Burhan was particularly inspired by posters worn with time.  His passion took him to 114 countries to capture urban walls on film, canvas & paper.

How long has the museum been open? How and When was it founded?

The Doğançay Museum is the first contemporary art museum in Turkey and was opened in 2004, by Burhan Doğançay. Having a museum dedicated to his work and his father’s work was one of the goals he had set for himself very early in life. It took him over 40 years of hard work to realize this dream.

In what media did Burhan work?

Burhan worked in many media including photography, painting and sculpture.  He also collaborated with important design studios like Atelier Raymond Picaud in France, Villeroy & Boch in Germany and Swiss Aluminium Ltd in Switzerland.

Where did Burhan train as an artist?

Burhan Doğançay had his first art lessons from his father, Adil Doğançay, a well-known painter and topography officer in the Turkish army. Then during his high school years in Ankara, he had lessons from Arif Kaptan, a well-known painter.

After completing the University of Ankara, with a law degree, Burhan Doğançay went to France to continue his studies for his doctorate degree in law from the Université de Paris.  During his time in Paris he attended art courses at L’Académie de la Grande Chaumière.

How are the art objects produced?

The products based on Doğançay's art are always hand made in limited quantities.  The objects are never mass produced and represent his legacy by turning his love of two dimensional urban expression into three dimensional accessible lifestyle editions.

Dogancay’s works are in many museums; click here to read his profile:ğançay