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Stories from the Middle East Region


Armory Week

Canto III By Wafaa Bilal At Lawrie Shabibi Gallery

1. Wafaa Bilal's solo show at Lawrie Shabibi Gallery from Dubai at Armory, Focus MENAM

Canto III- a suite of sculptures, images and props in collaboration with US veterans. Canto III is directly inspired by a tribute that the members of the Ba'ath party in Iraq planned in honour of their ruler, Saddam Hussein, at the height of his power: to propel a golden statue in his likeness into space to orbit Earth for all eternity. This absurd idea highlights the extremes the personality cult of Saddam Hussain reached before his downfall. This tribute never took place…Canto III is rooted in a broader history of despotic rulers who seek to immortalize their own image.

For more of Wafaa's work, check out his show at Babcock Driscoll, 525 w 25th St.  Opening Reception: Thursday, March 5, 6-9PM  Lovely Pink, is an installation of 12 unique sculptures which, in the wake of ISIS’s destruction of Iraqi cultural heritage, resonates with the destabilization of iconic structures.

2. Friday March 6, 3-4 pm at the Armory Show Open Forum:  Talk with Carwan Gallery, designer Carlo Massoud and Curator Maria Cristina Didero and non-profit House of Today on Lebanese Design.



MENAM Party At Hotel Americano

3. The Armory Show Focus MENAM Party at Hotel Americano Friday, March 6, 518 West 27th Street, 9 PM–midnight.
"In collaboration with Edge of Arabia and Art Jameel, the Armory Show celebrates its MENAM (Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean) focus section. Hosted by Noah Horowitz, Executive Director of the Armory Show, Fady Jameel, President of Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives, Stephen Stapleton, Director of Edge of Arabia and Omar Kholeif, the 2015 Armory Focus curator.” Warning: you may need an invite to get in!

4. Saturday, Armory Show, Focus MENAM Symposium, 2:15–3:15PM: MAKING DISCOURSE, with Anne Barlow of Art in General, Aleya Hamza of Gypsum Gallery, and Lamia Joreige of Beirut Art Center, and Stephen Stapleton, Co-Founder and Director of Edge of Arabia, discuss innovative art institutions and narratives in the region during unstable times.