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Stories from the Middle East Region

Rayya Morcos Is... a Designer and Daydreamer

Clothing Designer Rayya Morcos

Rayya Morcos is a rising star in the Middle Eastern fashion world. After being trained by and working for A-list designer Rabih Kayrouz, she ventured out on her own to create her own pret-a-porter label, Bird on a Wire.

Rayya didn’t always want to be a fashion designer.

“ I wanted to be an airplane pilot, but my parents said no.”

Rayya feeds on emotion, passion and obsessions.

“ My last collection (ss2014), “Ode to my demon”, was directly a result of the huge heartache I had after breaking up with my last boyfriend. I enter this zone where I start being fixated: I listen to the same songs over and over, read and re-read the same paragraphs until the collection is born. Small things that I can obsess over, that’s what matters most. I love that obsession makes me happy.”

Rayya is a control freak.

“I have to feel it to do it. I fired three accountants in one year. I want things to be done my way.”

Rayya is underground and wants it to stay that way. 

“ I don’t really care about the fashion world, I have no clue who the people in the fashion world are. I want to have fun, create, and play. I love constructing objects and sculpting material.”

Rayya is a dreamer.

“I am always inspired by what I dream of and I dream and daydream a lot!”

Rayya is inspired by technology and the future.

“The more technical it is, the more thrilling. Lets find solutions for the future and the new era. We once imagined flying cars; why are we not there yet? Our lifestyle has changed so our clothes should follow.”

With contribution from Hala A. Malak.