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Stories from the Middle East Region

Designer Inspiration Over Cocktails with Christina Debs

Christina Debs

Letternoon recently caught up with beautiful Christina during her lengthy stay in New York.  She and her business partner / husband were in town for exciting business meetings that will soon result in an increased presence of her brand at American luxury retailers.  Simultaneously, she was getting ready for Jewelry Arabia in Bahrain and her Christmas events in Beirut.  All this while developing her new lines.  What does a busy business owner and designer do to keep it all together?  We sat down to ask over a great dinner at Ilili restaurant, the owner of which is her cousin, by the way.

LN:  Christina, are you mad to eat Lebanese food while in NYC?

CD: Ha, ha, a little yes, but we adore Ilili…and know you do too.

LN: Not So Bloody Martini! 

CD: You are already done with your first.

LN: Dangerous.  So, you have dinners every night, day long marketing meetings and store visits, you are keeping up with the boutique in Beirut, the exhibition preparations in Bahrain… how do you do it?

CD: I don't really know, you just have to do it!  We have been working so hard, so that when the opportunities come, you have to say yes and do your best. We face a lot of challenges as a new company in a country like Lebanon, as you know.  But in the end what keeps me going is the creative process itself. I lose myself in stones, literally, and in the vision I have to create pieces that reflect my inspiration.  The more I produce the more energy I have, but you have to take care because if you let the business lead you instead of the passion, then you lose your energy.  It's like a meditation, a practice.  And jewelry is a beautiful practice!

LN: It's a challenge for entrepreneurs to keep the inspiration alive during execution! 

CD: It helps that my husband is my partner.  While he is busy with other businesses, he is here!

LN: Well he definitely keeps us entertained - never a dull moment with Aboudi.

CD: Exactly!  We are having a great time here, meeting wonderful people, and eating too much.

LN: Do you love New York?

CD: Mais oui, we want to spend more time here, and hopefully we will!

LN: Thank you so much for spending time with us, and for the inspiration we need to keep going too!

CD: We're in it together:)

LN: Should we eat?  Aboudi ordered too much.

CD: What's new!