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Stories from the Middle East Region

A Day in the Life of Peggy Raphaël Dabar, Co-founder of Images D'Orient

Images d'Orient

6am: Wake up 

“Don’t forget I am a mom of an eighteen, sixteen and six year old!  So I wake up by obligation not by choice.  BUT when I start really early, it’s the best day for me!”. 
7:15-7:30am: Get to the office

“I live three minutes away, so my commute is really easy!  It’s the best time to start with coffee. I can never put on music and work; I need quiet! During calm periods I read emails, hang out, plan and organize.  During busy times, it’s all about creating, experimenting and working with a lot of excitement.  Most of my work centers around designs and colors.  Working with color is my passion, I absolutely love it.  A lot of Images D’Orient is based on color design.”
1 – 2pm: Lunch with Charbel (brother and partner)

“But sometimes there isn’t even time for lunch!  And other times in order to create I need to be away from the office.  During that time I usually run….no interruptions, no emails, no phone calls."
5pm: Head back to home to the kids for family time

“And I might pass by the hairdresser.”
10pm: Read before sleeping
 “When it is your business, it is always in your head.  So I think about it all the time, even when I sleep!  Inspiration is everything and everywhere.” 

With contribution from Hala A. Malak.