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Stories from the Middle East Region

A Day in the Life of Lebanese Designer Sandra Macaron

We Chair By Designer Sandra Macaron

7am: Wake up and grab a coffee

“I am definitely a morning person.”

8:30am: Get to the office

“CAD work in the morning...not the fun part!”

(CAD: Computer aided design )

11am-12pm: See suppliers and visit workshops

Afternoon: Three to four days a week Sandra teaches at ALBA

“I usually work half a day and teach half a day.”

(ALBA:  Académie libanaise des Beaux-Arts)

7pm: Sports and cross training

“I am addicted to very high cardio exercises, it feels so good.”

Sunday morning: Baking 

“I love baking, and my coconut lemon cloud cake is a winner!”

With contribution from Hala A. Malak.