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Stories from the Middle East Region

A Day in the Life of Dubai Favorite Nadine Kanso

Jewelry Designer Nadine Kanso

7am: Wake up 

“I wake up with the boys… they usually wake me up by kissing me.”

Nadine has two teenage sons (Amr, 16 and Jassem, 14) and a cat named Kifah

8:30-9am: Gym and Coffee Run 

“I try to go to the gym, meet my friend Khalid Shafar, and catch up with designer friends for coffee to exchange ideas or visit my workshop.”

(Khalid Shafar is a well-known Emirati furniture designer based in Dubai.)

12pm: Return Home

“Come back home to my studio. Start working.”

2pm: Lunch

“I have lunch in the neighborhood, but only if I have no deadlines or meetings!”

3pm: Return Home

“Back home, back to work”

5pm: The Boys Return

“When the boys are home my house turns into “Hotel Sah El Nom!”

(“Hotel Sah El Nom” is a phrase in Arabic that implies people coming in and out of your house without notice, as if you have an open door policy.)

With contribution from Hala A. Malak