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Stories from the Middle East Region

Letternoon at Market Art + Design

Letternoon at Market Art and Design fair in the Hamptons

We are thrilled to announce a joint collaboration with Davidson Art Advisory to present a selection of fine art and objects that explore themes of interconnectedness, history, progress, and meaning for this year's edition of Market Art + Design, Booth 117.

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Carlo Massoud: On his Design Process and Upcoming Armory Show

Carlo Massoud’s objects always make us think - Lacquered wood “dolls” that address the delicate theme of the veiled women; excavator trucks, made by bending rusted metal sheet by hand, that reference the 7 times his city has been destroyed and reconstructed, and of course the playful Hang Me Hangers on His work is being propelled internationally by House of Today and Carwan Gallery.  Read on to find out what inspires and influences one of our favorite Beirut based designers and see his new project at The Armory Show 2016.

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Letternoon featured on Bedford + Bowery

While many people only know the Middle East through one-dimensional news reports foregrounding violence and war, Jabri and Madra hope the simple act of interacting with Middle Eastern design will open up people’s minds to another side of the region. “The Middle East is global,” Jabri insisted. The task, she thinks, is to take back the position of defining the so-called “Middle East” and reinterpret it," - from the lovely write up on our holiday pop-up in Bedford + Bowery.

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Interview with Siba Sahabi

Siba Sahabi Letternoon Interview

Amsterdam based designer, Siba Sahabi draws inspiration from her German and Iranian roots to create sculptural vases out of coiled strips of felt. The finished pieces evoke ancient Mesopotamian ceramics in an unexpected medium.

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