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The Name:

Letternoon means “the letter n” in Arabic and Farsi, which is pronounced “noon”.  Legend has it that the letter noon comes from the ancient Egyptian gods, Nun and Nunet who together represented male and female, infinite energy and matter, yin and yang, undifferentiated consciousness.  Seen as an oracle, the letter noon represents transformation.  

The Mission:

Letternoon is a curated online platform to showcase and sell great design from and influenced by the Middle East region, based in NYC.  Letternoon provides first-time access to these hand-picked products and engaging content to inspire and connect people globally through a shared love of design.  Our unique presentation of established and emerging fashion, object and visual design talent is your one-stop resource to stay informed about the region and its creative influence.

Our mission is to reposition the Middle East as a new destination for design and transform the way you experience the region….